The brainchild of Aussie film fan and entrepreneur David Maegraith SEED is a content streaming service available online and on these platforms. From news and short clips to feature films, we will be streaming quality faith friendly content for the whole family to enjoy!

David Maegraith is a visionary and entrepreneur whose clear vision of the future of communication allows him to position projects for major impact

David Maegraith with Franklin Graham

In the US “cordcutters” have cut cable and switched to streaming for their home TV.

Internet costs and COVID-19 concerns means American households are streaming more than ever before. Netflix added 10 million new households in the last quarter to July 2020 alone.

Both Fire and Roku players now EACH stream to over 40 million active households in the US. There are 140 million households in the US so SEED reach is close to 60% of all households.

PLUS SEED streams to Apple TV, Android TV plus Apple iOS & Android mobile apps, bringing total reach to over 75% of all US households.

John and David launch Eternity 2009

In 2009 David Maegraith and business partner John Sandeman started a real newspaper, with a print run of 100,000 from the living room table! Eternity was distributed in bundles to over 2,000 churches, schools and bookstores and brought great encouragement to readers.

The paper was later taken over by Bible Society Australia. Now, with SEED, David is starting from scratch again – this time building a global TV network – let’s go!

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